5 Minute Bachelor Meals

Most of us have a few standard party dishes that we can whip out whenever we have friends over, but without an audience, the pretense quickly falls away.

Have you ever had a meal that was too painful to share, because of the shameful lack of effort that went into preparing it? Food that you would never dream of serving a guest, but would quite willing eat on your own? We call these “bachelor meals” – the saddest dinners concocted out of sheer hunger, desperation, and mostly laziness.


Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

J: Once there was only broccoli in my fridge. I boiled it and then I ate it. It was really lame and sad. My special sauce is good intentions.


Image credit: Wikicommons

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

A: Carbs on carbs – Once I only had cheddar potato chips and bread. So I buttered the bread and put the chips between it. That was my lunch.



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S: Microwaved oats.



Image credit: Coca Cola

J: One week’s worth of Coca Cola Chicken. I made a huge batch and that’s all I ate for a week – Coca Cola Chicken.



Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

A: I had to take medicine this morning and I had no real food in the house. So I ate half a bag of leftover potato chips. I’m beginning to see a pattern here.